About Börsgruppen Asset Management AB

Börsgruppen Asset Management, or BAM, is Linköping University’s first student run investment fund aimed at providing students with educational experience and hands-on-training in equity valuation and portfolio management. Börsgruppen Asset Management AB is privately held by Börsgruppen. The fund operates independently from Börsgruppen and its board, the structure is defined below.

Founded in 2017 as an initiative of the 2016/2017 Börsgruppen Board of Directors. Its core purpose is to create further value for Börsgruppen’s members by giving a small team the opportunity to work as analysts and investors at an asset management fund.

Our investment strategy

Börsgruppen Asset Management aims to have a diversified portfolio, with even exposure to differentiated sectors and regions. The fund operates solely with stocks listed in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, England, Germany, Canada, and the United States, where 50 % of the portfolio must be listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. Furthermore, investments in equity funds are also permitted.

The fund can solely invest in companies that abide by the following guidelines:

  • Market value of at least 100 million SEK
  • Follow ethical guidelines, with the core business not consisting of:
    1. Alcohol and/or Nicotine
    2. Recreational Drugs
    3. Gambling
  • Each company must be ethically scrutinized, and can not be listed on Allbright’s Red List

Structure of BAM

To ensure Börsgruppen Asset Management‘s independence, the Portfolio Managers control all daily activity without the influence of the corporate governance. BAM’s corporate governance body is composed of a select sub-group of Börsgruppens Board of Directors. Börsgruppens Chairman is offered the role of CEO, if he/she were to decline the position will be offered to the rest of the Board of Directors in a given succession.

The Portfolio Managers are the highest ranking decision makers in Börsgruppen Asset Management. Every investment decision must be agreed upon by both Portfolio Managers, and can only be vetoed by the CEO. Together with the CEO and the corporate governance body they compose the Presidium.

The Senior Analysts bring new investment proposals to the Portfolio Managers. Further, they are in charge of all transactions verified by the Portfolio Managers.

The Junior Analysts assist the Senior Analysts in analyzing investment proposals. Further, they are in charge of scrutinizing current investments, analyzing their risks and expected returns.

Our investment team

Chairman / Ceo

Oscar Sandberg

Vice chairman

Fredrik Gerdin Börjesson

Vice Chairman

Fabian Broberg

Portfolio Manager

Fredrik Gerdin Börjesson

Portfolio Manager

Andreas Larsson